Love in Song

Paths crossed with whom I Love
My Love to them manifested in acts
They did not understand
They turned away
My Love to them manifested in words
They did not understand
They’re still astray

I give my Peace to you
May you live in that Peace Eternally
Stay the course of Love
Have Faith and you will stand
The cost to save you all is absolutely high
Lo, the sentence has been served!

Let the beat roam in your heart
The freedom of His Sacred Heart beats
The musical melody of Love
Mixed with harmonious praise
Never have you ever heard such Glory!

Like infinite ripples of Joy resounding
With every tone and beat
Alas, it never fades
Only again and again

If I give way today
I’ll want to pass away
Pain keeps me sound

They’re gonna take away
I’ll be gone someday

Who am I?