The Truth Revealed

How could anyone have known
How He comes to us in the present
Since He rose from the dead
Would be lost somewhere along the way?

It happened on purpose
To show people the Truth
Live to serve out of Love in this
You will Live in perfect Love in the next

For without Love, nothing remains
The Spirit of God is alive and lives
To proclaim,
Love, not death
Peace, not fear
Joy, not suffering

It starts with small acts,
Small acts of Love to a neighbor, a friend, or enemy
In secret, bless them in your thoughts with the Lord
Caring for the least of them and the lost
Ask for the Grace to Love and be like Him
Expecting nothing in return

Should anyone condemn you because of Him
Once again, your reward will be great in Heaven
Know and believe that the day of His Return
Is soon, before the year is done, all shall come to an end
A new beginning awaits, and I rejoice for the Day!

Would you not announce the same if you knew?!