The Peace and Grace of Jesus Christ be with you.

What is a man to do, such as one who has happily offered his sufferings his whole life to lead souls from Purgatory into Heaven? This man, having been raised to Heaven despite his wretched state, is now free from sufferings and lives in Heaven with Peace, Joy, and Love in His Heart. What is he now to do for the Lord if all he ever knew is to suffer in union with the Lord’s anguish in His Passion, now that suffering has been taken away? Only those who have experienced redemption in suffering know the Joy in their heart that comes when they do, however big or small it may be matters not. Though the Lord is Merciful because even in my wretched state, my offerings despite my condition, was always accepted.

I do not want to be like the one who buried his talent. I want to be like my Lord Jesus Christ unto all things. I want to be Him because He is all I think about.