Another Mystery

The Lord revealed to me another mystery. I know the time is near, because my whole life I have been living in and out of sin, suffering because of my own actions and inactions, but also suffering for others so that they might be saved… Now I suffer no more, no matter the pain, and is evidence enough for me that the time is very near, so near, it’s going to be any day now, that I will be lifted up in God’s Glory, a day that I so long for. Remember O reader, I John, make no claim for credit, glory, or praise for any and all things written and unwritten, for I am but dust moulded into an instrument.

However, His claim is for all the credit, glory, and praise, because He offers us all Love, Joy, and Peace freely, to those who ask. There is nothing else you need, all that your heart desires, He will provide and you shall have Eternal Life, full of so much more than even these greatest Virtues.