Cain and Abel

The difference between Cain and Abel
Cain will take pleasure in scorning Christ
Abel would scorn Christ if deceived
Deceived you are O people of God!



Heaven is being an actual place
With palaces, mountains, and seas
Relatively, to who, where, and what you are
With God as Lord over everything

Made to be, Heaven is simply
A place for God and me
Within and without
I am

In this moment He rests His head
Away from the torment
Of a world so dead set against
Him and His Love and Mercy

I say such things not to be bold
Though bold it is, His Spirit within
Prompts me to be His Way
Heaven was, is, and always will be
My Home

Same goes for you too


Today is a day of sorrow
Sorrow for the ones who know
But still refuse Him and His Love

Should they wait until it’s too late
His Mercy is quick to save
Even if the wretch you still are

The many paths before you
Destination not plain to see
Just the one behind leads to death

Stay the path, I made my own
Following Him, He knows the way
I reached the Summit always

His Mountain
Can be climbed
From any direction

He Will Save

With every beat of my Heart
Pangs of Joy resound like hymns
At what’s coming for those who believe

I’ve stepped into His Light
Lifted and raised to be like unto Him
Already ascended descended

Assurance of Salvation is Faith
Assurance of Ascension is His
A gift you need do nothing to gain

So Live in Love according to Him
His Spirit blessing all open Hearts
Give your Heart to Him and He will save

Lead Them

The Lord descended down to me, yes me
Not worthy, never have ever been
I know secrets, soon to be

This Journey He has led
This blind, deaf, and dumb sinner
To abandon everything and come to Him

The truth is, He showed me Himself
Opened His Heart and enticed me
Now He’s prompting me to come

Lead them all to Him, she says to me
My Heart pounds excitedly
Will it stop, cause it hurts?


Here I am, nowhere to be found
Yet I am, and here I am not
Attention for a moment please!

While others take seriously
The Divine intent behind
This Word, you see

A warning to you O reader
It was in jest, a shot
But to me a lance

Harken this Word, Hearts are True
That Christ is King, has come down again
To take His Chosen ones up before the end

Yes, Ascension, you don’t believe
The more and more you see
A great apostasy, do you really want to be?

How Do You Know?

“How do you know?”
This is the question
From you to me

It’s quite simple actually
Let God strip away everything
O, what foundation He will lay?!

First comes His Love
Upon experience brings Peace
Reflection brings Joy

Now I live, and though I feel
Even in the midst of great pain, laughter, or tears
His Joy I have, no one can take away

You can burn me, torture me
Flail me, even ruin me
Take everything, even my life

Alas, with such great Love that is God’s
No matter, even when I am in or at
My worst, I’ll still feel Joy

This an evil heart will never understand
Which is in itself an indication
To pray for them, especially in the moment

It’s overwhelmingly hilariously funny
That what I value the most, isn’t gold, sex, or fame
But bleeding God’s Love so it throws them all for a loop!

Glory to the King.