The Lord hid Himself from me
I knew in my heart He was there
Though I felt His Presence not
I listened in silence for Him
Only to turn into a desert
Waiting, parched

My Heart in anguish cried out
Do not abandon me, my Lord
My weakness overwhelms
Lord give me Your Strength

A memory thus came
The truth of reality
Revealed to me by a Dove
That fire thus will come
Only to devour and burn
All that is evil in every heart

Prepare yourselves people!
For when this cleansing fire comes
Like the days of old on Passover
The Lord will send His Holy Spirit
He will thus enter and make His Home
In those who are of Christ
And passover those who are not
Those who have not been sealed
With His Holy Name
Will be consumed and burned
For those who reject Him
Reject the one who sent Him
The Almighty Father of Heaven and Earth

Gone are the days of old
The sins of the past have been wiped away clean
No more will there be weeping and crying
Pain and suffering will cease to be
Love, Joy, and Peace will remain