God’s Presence

Upon reflecting on the mysteries of the Lord, it was revealed to me how the Lord is present in all things visible and invisible. The best way to describe it is that God’s actual presence is woven in and throughout the actual fabric of matter, space, and time. What this means is that every point itself in the entire universe is subject to His Command and Authority, and because the fabric itself is God’s power, nothing can take that away, for if God took it away, the entire universe would vanish in an instant.

Alas, such power and authority surely must be demonstrated as a sign so that all might believe. So what then shall be His Command? To shake the earth like never before and hope that all of you heed God’s warnings? To wipe the moon away from the sky? Blacken the sun so that darkness overwhelms you all? Command all electrons to cease? What will it take to prove that Christ is Returning sooner than you think and that everything is subject to His Authority and Command. Don’t you see?