I spoke with a someone beautiful today, and I told her about my childhood, bits and pieces, suffering, leading up to the visions and the locutions. I saw such love in her, it was comforting to see, as I was talking with her about one aspect of myself, particularly my innate ability to fall in love easily, i.e. attracted to those who love, because I can peer into the souls of people, I came to realize that I also see those who do not love, or are lacking love, so I am to love them more than those who have great love in their hearts, to find a way to break their hearts of stone, and instead of wandering off into the desert, to walk with Christ any which way He so chooses. Another revelation that I had during my time talking with her was that all I feel, ever since I died on the couch, no matter what pain I am in, the suffering is gone, and what remains is Love, Joy, and Peace…

That’s my claim, I’m already in Heaven, so should the end come now, I will feel sorrow for all of my inactions to convert souls back to Him, to convict them to belief… Signs and wonders only convince the few, so what remains is destruction for those who reject Him. How much more there is to Christ than the reward of Salvation by His Name! Salvation is just the beginning, much is still to happen, but there is one thing I know that others do not, and it will remain hidden until the right time, for the Glory of God. So to that, and for you to remember, that prophecies can still be fulfilled, if that’s the Father’s will, but they always are fulfilled in the way that people least expect it.

At this point, all I can say is, Love without cost people, act out of Love and mean it, Love like you have never Loved before, ask for the Grace to Love with the greatest Love that is God. Write Love poems to people showing them that Love is not sex. Repay evil acts against you and others with acts of Love, not violence or war. Bless everyone you meet and make amends in peace. This is the way to Heaven, and I tell you truly, the Gates of Heaven are already open, so what are you waiting for?

Christ says this: To the unrighteous, heavy is the hand that will strike you down should you continue to persecute those under your power. Turn from your evil ways and My Peace will fall on you and remain with you until the end as a reminder of My Mercy.