Another prayer

The Lord over my heart, my God and Savior, Jesus Christ revealed to me, a memory when I died of starvation and I remember He was angry when He spoke with me. He brought me back because of the prayers of His people, they cry out to him to end the suffering. So He is sending me into the world, and now my prayer is this. That anything I say and do, in the name of the Christ, and in the name of my new self, is done according to the Will of my Father, Yahweh. Amen

So, how do I Love God more, how many ways can I bless Him?

I call on St. Michael several times a day, but now I call on him to capture and deliver Satan before God for He is to be judged by God the Father. I ask any and all people, to stop the hatred. Peace people, but not just peace between enemies, but peace in your hearts, let go of the past, and be free from the pain, free from suffering, free from death. Amen.