Start with pity

Of this Love I found in the Lord, I can write volumes and volumes, Love others through it, and bring them joy. Bring them consolation in the knowledge that the day and the hour matters not, we fear it not, we welcome it, but our hearts are full of sorrow for the lost souls that would be gone should He Return now at this moment. Hence this Word to you my beloved people, He is indeed coming soon, and there are only a few who have already been raised.

Know this, the first resurrection is the raising of the spirit to Heaven, giving life eternally to those who receive his breath of life, his Love, his Glory. Yes, indeed, there are those who have already tasted death, but they now live and are passionate warriors for Christ. Not for the war you are thinking, but a battle where the weapon is Love itself, through his branches we bloom His Fragrance into the world.

So here is how you are to do it. It’s simple, it’s possible, and anyone can do it. It’s not easy, but the reward is greater than you can imagine.

Start with pity. If you have pity on someone, it’s a message from your heart telling you that you have something to give them to heal them, deliver them, raise them up, if that pity moves you do something out of Love, unconditionally, for that person, then go, do it and ask for the grace to do it out of Love. Do not expect or ask anything in return, bless them in secret if you can, and if you make a mistake, cause yourself or others to sin, seek forgiveness and turn back and face toward the face of Love and you are already forgiven. If they reject you or scorn you, pray that the Lord help them see. Lean on Wisdom, she is indeed your comfort in trials against you.