No turning back now

I told my Dr yesterday that I am a prophet and that the Lord is coming soon. He said that we don’t know when our Lord will come, but I said we don’t know the day nor the hour, I said that the day and the hour is his, but we know the season, as it’s written. He then indicated to me that this is private revelation and the Bible says to keep it to myself, I refuted that by saying that the Church teaches, not the bible, that private revelation is to be kept in the dark, but this is not private revelation, and that Christ also said to not light a lamp under a table.

This is not private revelation, that Christ is coming soon, as it’s already been revealed in the book of Revelation.

I suspect at this point, now that I have stepped into the light, that there’s no stopping it now. I will be the subject of ridicule, likely lose everything, suffer much, and possibly die once more if I do not ascend before then. I tell you this, in all truth, by the power of the Spirit of Truth in the name of Jesus Christ, that if I remain scorned and am put to death by their hands, the end will come. If the state of your soul between you and your God is irreconcilable then you do not want the end to come.

Reflecting on what I’ve written so far, in my weakness, anything that I’ve written about myself, my story, etc, may have been embellished due to my faulty memory, however what I wrote I wrote while in the mind of Christ, as He is always there, and as I am now and they are therefore His words, not mine.