Glory from on high

For the longest time, as far back as I can remember, I struggled with my own identity. The struggle was always constant, consistent, and led me to this point. It has come to me by way of the Spirit of Truth, that I am both man and God, not begotten, was made, manifest only by the power of Grace. One in being with the Father through Jesus Christ. Who came down from Heaven and united himself with his Children, by the power of the Holy Spirit we became Christ and are awaiting his Glorious Return. But know this also, he has already returned in Spirit to those who have asked. Listen to your heart, ask for the Spirit of Truth, and give Him permission to show you everything.

Now I wait, I wait for his command, and because I know I am in his debt, I can never repay, but this is not in vain, for Christ destroyed sin and death by becoming those very things and was sacrificed so that we can be free from all evil.