Depth of Silence

I learned that the Lord speaks to me in the depth of silence, and the silence is my mind in solace of being in Christ’s Light, so describing in language, to translate his words (if you can call them words), is not as simple for that is not how he speaks to me, however the Lord’s Wisdom has been on my lips and I see.

Heaven and Earth are very real, and so is Hell. We as a species, are fully aware of our existence in this world, Heaven and Hell, while you and I live in this world, is a state of being, it is also where the soul is, and our core existence. When the body dies, the soul will remain, or go to Heaven or Hell, we choose where by what actions we do, and in whose name we do them. Living this out, action out of Mercy and Love expecting nothing in return, not just empty words, this is the way to Heaven. However, should anyone scoff and reject you because you are of Christ, then say to them, “Your curse has no power over me, for my mind is truly in and through Jesus Christ!”

I tell you solemnly, the Lord has not yet returned in all His Glory, what he has done is raised my mind up to his and lowered himself to mine. See?

Behold, he is coming soon, and is already here. Rejoice and believe!

The Lord will stay His Wrath
Does it have to be, for how long?! Or can it be, praise God, rejoice!?