Death has no power

Jesus, be with me while I write.

I cursed and got angry today, at a small thing nonetheless, it did bring me down as a result. My short temper the result of continuous attacks, every day. I fail to call on Him sometimes and what ends up happening is I get angry and want to leave this world, not because of how I feel about what the Devil is doing but because I’ve tasted Heaven and desire to be there and not here. The attacks are mostly interfering with how things function, many little “insignificant” actions like knocking things out of my hand, nudging me while walking so I lose my balance, instigating fights between my children, and causing confusion in many things I try to do, and it doesn’t end there. This sometimes leaves me with a very deep and strong desire to leave this world, a desire so powerful that death has no power over it.

It is true that this desire is great, but so is my unworthiness. I only ask because it’s time that we are equipped to fight the battle, to let Christ transform us into His Glory and bring Heaven down to Earth.

Almighty Father, we ask You, if it be Your Will, that You speak Your Word into the Universe one more time. By Your Breath lead us into the Eighth Day and transform us by Your Love and Your Light, Your Might and Your Glory into perfect beings of Love, raise us up dear Father from these trenches and the slavery of this war, deliver us from all evil, and renew the face of the Earth. Amen. So be it.

John 10:28