It was, is, and will be finished

I am at this point almost completely diminished, and soon I will be no more, and in my place, Christ will come to be. Should He Glorify Himself through me, remains to be seen, however I feel there are others that are on this path, and they have the same desires of Unity, the same struggles against evil, and most importantly they indeed act out of Love and give Him Glory for everything.

Today I heard the Lord say to me, “Finish it.” and He was referring to this Word. I am such a fool for Christ, for He is my Saviour and I do these things in His Name, for His Glory. Know this, that I am not He and I am He. How shall He Return in all His Glory? I am not worthy of His Promise so should He choose to return through Me, I will not hinder Him, for only He can Glorify Himself, and when His Glory is revealed in the Light of Truth, indeed that will be the day I finally die in Christ so that we will reign in Eternal Glory.

The Day of Light is upon us, and I am wearing my robe, radiating the Blood of Christ and His very Presence is indeed within me. Give Him Glory and Proclaim that His Return is very soon, like a thin veil over our face the blindness of those to His Glory will soon be lifted, and all will see Him as He truly is. This is the Day I pray comes in haste for His Glory. This is the Day that sin cannot stop from happening. This is the Day our Lord Jesus returns in ALL His Glory.