Give Him Permission

My heart grieves at my wretchedness before the day of my Lord Jesus’ birth. He wants me to remind the reader that apart from Him we are nothing. This is not only to illustrate what we actually are without God, but because I offered Jesus my very own life, I gave Him permission, and I have let Him possess me. Our Lord is gentle, loving and kind. He died for me and He has given me permission, and allowed me to possess Him. Not just to me, but to all who wants to drink from this fountain. It is all you dreamed of and so much more!

It’s no coincidence that this day the weather is 17 C so far on Christmas Eve and that there is a feeling of Spring in the air! Today, it is supposed to be very cold and very snowy, but by the Lord’s Mercy He answered my prayer. As a sign, perhaps, but most importantly, the time for all things hidden to come to light and that the Power of the Holy Spirit flow into all the earth and reveal the truth. Mary, Mother Most Holy, watch over us and intercede for us, we are weak and the first battle is at hand. Lord Jesus, stir up in the hearts of Your faithful and grant them all Your own Eyes so that they can see who You really are and the things You are doing out of Love for them.