Breathe Fire

He breathed His Flame into my Heart, now His Flame has become purifying fire, a burning desire, a Holy Thirst for Him. It never ends and it only gets better the more he satisfies my thirst. My insatiable thirst will continue until I am made perfect by Him, and on that Day, His Glory will shine, and all will see and know the Truth.

I Am who Am, says the Lord.

My Lord, burn me with your purifying fire, and prepare me for the day you bring your fire on the earth.

The Lord has been patient with me, and my heart is heavy with sorrow. I know what waits for many, fire that is not like any other fire, it’s poison will kill and it will burn everything away.

I offered to the Father my very own life, for Him to take it and use me in any way He wants and this pleased Him. I then wondered why He could not just glorify Himself through me with a blindingly bright and glorious transfiguration, and then the world will finally see. I asked the Father if it be His Will that I be transfigured before many. The Lord revealed that I did not understand, that He has indeed already clothed me, and as it is the rest of the world that cannot see for they are blind to His Light, but He assured me that all will behold Him in company with countless hosts of Angels and Saints, with me, coming down from Heaven. This is the Day that waits for those who Hope in the Lord.