Acknowledge the Truth!

In all Truth, I am by the Father’s account the least of all His Children, and I acknowledge this also. This is where I must state very clearly, by the power of Jesus Christ, I am in Him and He is in me and we are one because Jesus did indeed say, “that which you do to the least of my brethren you do unto me”. Jesus spoke of the manner in which He will return and He has indeed returned. How can I say that which would not invoke jealousy amongst these people, ridicule and disbelief, but He has not come into the world to convince those who already believe in Him, He has come to find the lost ones, to bring them to Himself, for them to become one with Him, and no one can stop Him.

Behold the day is coming soon when the blind will all see and here I speak plainly. What you see with your eyes in this universe, what you detect with your devices of the unseen parts of this universe, is but a tiny fraction of what is actually happening all around you. My prayer for the world on the Day that is coming will be for their blindness to be cured and that they finally see Jesus in all the Father’s Glory! It saddens Jesus that not one has recognized Him and those that have, they refuse to believe it.

Upon meditation and deep prayer, I saw a man get incinerated by a very powerful blast of fire. It appears the game is up and now the light will begin to shine on all.