Have Hope despite the evil

I started to draw my youngest son a bath, and the moment I turned my back, Satan physically knocked my child off the toilet and he hit his face on the counter.  It was most certainly strange to see. Though he wasn’t hurt significantly, considering how hard he hit his face, likely protected by his guardian angel, but this cowardly act still pissed me off! Enough that I screamed at God and demanded that Satan be destroyed and that he crossed the line. I argued that a demon, does not have the right or permission to hurt my little ones, especially in retaliation for something I did, even if it is my fault it should never happen.

I trust in the Lord, for He is in me and I am in Him and He and I are one.

Let those whose ears are deaf and those whose eyes are blind now be open! By the command of the Lord look and see! For the Lord says, “I will restore the sight of all my people from a blindness that has covered their eyes, for not one person I have stood before has recognized me, though I am patient, all will be revealed soon and the Light of Truth will shine on all.  Peace be to all.”