No more evil, only Love

Those who do evil in the sight of the Lord, the Father says this,”Do not harm a single hair on the heads of any of my Children! For you will incur my Wrath. Your evil deeds will spill out like entrails from your mouth and be brought to light for all to see. So repent and forgive with Love! Reconcile with one another, all of you! I will blot out your sins, and forget them forever. Should you repent, forgive, and Love with the greatest act of My Love, I will reach down to the absolute least worthy of my Children and raise them up as a sign to you all. Listen to what they say. They are the ones that announce in My Name their presence. They are seeking out new ways to act out my Love. Their sacrificial offering of their very own worldly lives to Me is like sweet honey on my lips, I took them in through my Son, and formed them in my Bosom. I will restore their bodies to give Me Glory so that all will know that they are indeed from Me the one True God, and I am He, Yahweh is my Name.”