A vision of Glory

Now after much has transpired, amazingly in such a short amount of time, but seems like ages, I want to continue, despite how draining this is, for I am weak, and will always be weak, and for that reason I am troubled. I know my Father will be merciful to me on the Day of my Judgement, that Day with great Hope and Love, I cannot fathom what this means. I know also, that to few, the Father will raise up to the Highest Heaven, those whom he has Kissed.

I had a vision of many different people, clad in brilliant white robes, like dazzling diamonds, glittering like they were alive, they were transfigured in Christ to perfection, walking the earth, speaking the Word of God into the hearts of those gathered, performing miracles in His Holy Name, Jesus present in the world like never before, and this will be the First Resurrection, this will be the Second Coming of Christ.

At first I thought that it was my imagination that was causing me to misinterpret the Word of God written on my heart, but indeed that which stirs in my heart is far greater than my imagination.