Songs from the Heart

I cannot express in appropriate words, just how important this really is. The Father Almighty, through His Son, and Holy Spirit has revived me. My face set towards Him in His Glorious Light, bathed in His majesty, with the hope to be brought to perfection.

I received another strong prompting from the Lord, and He revealed to me that the prayer group I just joined, that the Lord wants thirteen men in this group, no more, no less. Of these men, we will from within His Church, spill out into the rest of His Church, performing miracles in His Holy Name, driving out evil, and most importantly, pouring out His Divine Love by acts of His Love.

Many years ago, I remember being anointed by a Kiss from Jesus on my forehead, His Spirit stayed within me, but I still wandered far off, lost to the depths of Hell, slowly turning myself into the very thing that I never wanted to be. The Lord saved me, and revealed to me truths that are wonderful, merciful, and oh such a blessing! My God revived me, He breathed His Fire into my spirit and burned away the stench of evil. The Lord asks much of me, though I am nothing and cannot do what He asks because I must surrender to Him, and let Him possess me, so that in turn I may possess Him. How great and wonderful is He who has given us all this Gift!

The Father sang an Ode to my heart, this Ode shattered me into pieces, and filled me with His Love. My greatest desire, to Ascend and not die, by his Power alone, will be fulfilled for I know my Lord Loves me and I Love Him.

My heart grows stronger with Love every day. My praises are lacking, but will increase in time as I continue to give myself over to Jesus Christ more every day, He is gentle, and He is in me and I am in Him, we will be as one as we are now, but I will diminish completely by His purifying Fire, and then I will be no more, but He will resurrect me after being purified within Himself, leaving me in the image He created me, and then He will shine with such Glory where the beauty of all the cosmos pales in comparison, a Glorious Light to shine for all the world to see and believe that it is Him who sent me!

I am not worthy to nor should I even be able to sing praise to God, yet praises to Him still comes from my lips?

I just experienced a powerful, overwhelming, to the point of passion, a taste of God’s grief. Oh the grief still rings in my heart! I was so distraught when I heard the cry of God’s people. He consoled me quickly, and I fell before His feet praying a prayer I never prayed before. I cannot write this prayer in its entirety, for this prayer came up not on my own accord, but by the Grace and Power of God from the depths of my Heart. I asked God to annihilate me, shatter me, destroy me within Himself so that He can make His home in me and my home in Him, therefore I will be used by Him. He asked me to stand up, embraced me, and I heard a Decree from the Lord, but cannot write it down.

I then felt an overwhelming sorrow well up within my spirit, oh such great sorrow, but so sweet sorrow, because I desired greatly this Union with Him, but could not bear the thought of ever offending Him again, to me, it was now or never, and there is nothing I can do but ask. I sang a song from my heart, this song of sorrow, longing, offering, and marriage soared into the highest courts in all of Heaven and filled the courts like incense. He consoled me once again, and said to me, “Peace John and have patience, wait until the wedding, I will never leave you. You are mine, and I am yours.”

As I am still embodied in imperfection, the Lord will transfigure me before others, and on this day, the Lord will reveal Himself in the Father’s Glory for all to see.

I asked our Mother Mary, if she was permitted to speak to me, and she said in reply, “Yes, John.” Let me tell you, the very beauty and sound of her voice gives praise to God, as this was the first time I have ever heard her voice, and I will treasure it in my heart. I will honour you Jesus, by honouring your Mother with a sweet prayer.