Learn to Possess God

Last night my heart was on fire. I felt the Holy Spirit move within me, to do small acts of kindness towards my neighbour, all out of Love. I wanted so much to tell them all that the Lord revealed to me, but some of their hearts were closed. I pray dear Lord, that the seeds I planted out of Love, grow out of faith into the manifestation of your Love.

I now have the same desire as our Lord, that all the people of this world be as one with the Father as Jesus is in the Father and the Father is in Jesus, that Christ’s Body, His Church, be brought to perfection before His Glorious return. On that day, those who are to remain and reign with Christ after His Glorious return, those who choose to Love with God’s Love are indeed God’s chosen people, and they will be brought to perfection. What will you be doing on that day?

By my Father’s loving Grace, He has Deified me in Christ, and by being Deified in Christ, I am One with the Father, as He is in me and I am in Him, and we are One. The Father is now Glorified through Jesus Christ within and through me..

I will set fire to the world, a kind of fire that will bring down nations, raise the dead, and renew the face of the earth.

I have a strong sense of the word from the Father that only by His Grace while we remain here on earth can we be in this state of being, a oneness with Him through Christ, a calling to be a witness. He revealed that the sinful flesh must die.

I have therefore learned how to possess God, He who fathered me and made Himself known to me without ever losing His transcendence!  He who encompasses all beings possesses me as well and has now, in my nothingness, ordered all things within me according to His Divine Will.

The Father’s Love being the Spirit of God is the same Love that sustains us, keeps us in a state of Grace, all we need to do is decide to Love and act in this Love, always, that’s it. For what act of real true tangible Love, that is, God’s Love, is not His Will?

When Jesus said, “My yoke is easy, and my burden is light”, He meant it, because all we have to do is Love one another with no conditions, in all that we do. While this has been said before by Jesus, it is not understood by many as to what this means. It is the core of our Faith, and it is only by grace that we are able to carry the burden of Christ, so then He carries ours. When we ask for grace, we acknowledge our weakness before God and at the same time He instills His Divine Will in us to act out of this great Love while under His Powerful Grace. We are not able to do anything without Him. Nothing. Including being chosen. See and understand what it is that the Lord is saying to you. Yes! You, reading this now, can be Embraced by Jesus, place your trust in Him and he will grant you graces to Love and live in his Will, and oh how sweet is His Embrace!  Be not afraid!

Ask our Almighty Father for His Graces that you need, but do not limit yourself, open yourself to what graces you need such as, the Grace to Love with His Love, the Grace to act out of this same Love, the Grace to give yourself over to Him, the Grace to breathe the Fire of the Holy Spirit into the world, and the Grace to pour out his Mercy, but when you are ready and out from the Greatest Love, ask Him for the Grace to Ascend.

The Lord is being very merciful, unlike ever before, and He is pouring out blessings upon blessings upon all His children.  Bless the Lord, and ask daily for His Graces, ask daily for His Love, ask daily for all that is His Will and by His Mercy He Will indeed Bless you.