God’s Grace and Love

It was revealed to me by the Grace of God through scripture, many passages, and in prayer that Jesus wants Unity in His Church along with a strong sense of urgency not for His sake, but for ours, and this Church is His Body, there is way too much division and the Lord is lavishing graces and gifts upon us to bring together His flock. Many are performing acts of Love towards their neighbour, many more will come forth. The Lord is bathing us in His Divine Light and evil is retreating from His Divine Light. We are not just people who are members of a church/parish/religion, we are His People, we indeed Love with the greatest Love that is God Himself, and we know who we are, we are His in this world, fashioned in the Bosom of the Father, fashioned to be like unto Him in all things, including His Magnificent Glory. We are those who sacrificed our very own worldly lives, so that by our sacrifice we give Glory to God, for it is this sacrifice, in union with Christ’s passion and death, that we are permitted to become one with the Father by the Mercy and Glory of God, under acknowledgement that we are indeed nothing and Christ does not need us to fulfill the Will of the Father. For His desire for us is to become One with the Father, and that by becoming One with the Father, the Almighty Father will grant us, who give ourselves to Him in this way, the gift of Holy Ascension.

Yes! The Mercy of God has no bounds! Very truly I tell you, God establishes His Sacraments with us, but we however, cannot establish His Sacraments. By the Father in Heaven and by the Grace of God, I must witness to this Glorious Gift, the Eighth Sacrament, the Sacrament of Ascension, and prepare those whom the Father has chosen.

It was also revealed to me that the First Resurrection is soon, and I am to bear witness to it, whether or not it will be when I am old, or tomorrow, matters not, for I have found true Joy in giving everything I am to Him. I was the one who wandered the furthest off into the desert, forgot who I was and abandoned God, I have been to the depths of Hell, did the most horrific things in the sight of God, my sins were great, my rebellion against God an abomination, they are all indeed forgotten even though they were the absolute worst offenses. God in His Mercy, led me out of the desert to the spring of Eternal Life, a spring of Living water for His Glory. I was the one who squandered it all for the pleasures of the world and gained nothing, was lost and separated from God, but was found. How Glorious is He who is to come, how He lavishes His mercy upon us! Give praise to Him who is the King of kings, the Lord of lords, and God of gods! For if He can have such Mercy and Love for such an abomination as myself in order to save me, then anyone can be saved.

I love you Father, Son, and Holy Spirit for all that you have granted me. I humbly ask that you grant me the perpetual grace to Love as you Love, grant me the perpetual grace to act on this Love. For these acts of Love, is your Light in the world.