The Stories

The Father revealed to me much later that anything that I have written and will write, that’s part of my life story, has been molded by Him into stories for those who should read them. They are how the Father witnessed these events, what’s written may or may not include the spiritual world from His eyes, but I must warn the reader, that what the Father prompts me to write, is graphic in imagery and words because of how it is written, but it is the truth revealed by His Light.

The posts that are stories are all of the chronological instances that the Father revealed to me where He encountered me and I encountered Him and wants me to write the story from His perspective. My life is no different than many others in what He reveals here. These encounters are with death, life threatening/serious injuries, and also some beautiful moments to be turned into stories, because it is by God’s intervention I survived, came out alive without a scratch, and experienced His Mercy, so He deserves all the Glory for that.

I am much too familiar with the fuzzy feeling of fading away at the moment of death, the depth of silence as a kind of stillness like calm infinite waters surround me, and the amazing Peace that accompanies death when the Lord is present. Out of all of these encounters with the Lord, He never Kissed me when I was face to face with Him, and should He Kiss anyone, they would surely die, however I will say this, a long time ago the Lord did Kiss me on the forehead, and I did indeed die. Now I must let the Lord be me.