Worthiness to Love

I can with confidence say that I am always surrounded by God’s presence as He is always protecting me, especially in moments of death, so that I can be brought face to face with Him and then brought back. I dare not boast for my own sake, but I am boasting of Jesus, for it is Him who is coming, again! See how Merciful He really is? How is it, me, a sinner, the worst of the lot, deserves God Himself? How it is that the Lord God Almighty, lowers Himself to me even more? I can tell you it is not because of anything I have done and it is not only me that he is offering this to, He is offering this to everyone. Everything He has given me, I am unworthy of and only He can make me worthy. Truly I tell you, my desire, which is God’s, is that this Word be of a benefit to others, to help them grow in their understanding of who God is and His desire for their Eternal Happiness in the very short amount of time we have. I will out of the deepest Love of Christ, endure any and all acts against me and thus God Himself, including ridicule, hatred, humiliation, torture, any amount of suffering, for I give my life to Him without cost, as our trust in Him is the fulfillment of His Word and the fulfillment of His Eighth Covenant: To Love one another as I have Loved you.

I prayed today a powerful prayer of surrender to the Father. I asked for the grace to do His will, out of same Love that is God, as is my daily prayer. I received by his Grace, an understanding of what it means to bear the burden of Christ and to unite my sufferings with His, for on being united with Him on his sweet Cross, we will be united with Him in death that is sweet. For those who have offered their very own lives to the Father through Jesus, United with Him in His Passion and Death, will be United with Him in his Resurrection and His Return, for how else shall the Lord make perfect His Church? Be purified in the Fire of the Holy Spirit, and allow Him to change you, to transform you, to move you, to Love you and Love through you.