The Loss of Many the Return of Few

The Spirit of Christ is indeed within me, and this Word is rooted in Christ Jesus. This Word is a Journey in Christ, towards the Ultimate Glory of His Second Coming, the First Resurrection, His Reign for a Thousand Years, and the Final Resurrection.  I will claim no credit for my own glory, nor will I boast of on my own accord, for that would be evil.  I am nothing, for I approached God in my nothingness, I gave Him permission to purge me of anything and everything that is not of Him, and He answered me.

This Word is a Living Word of Prophecy of what was, what is, and what will come to pass.  This Word is an act of Love for all people.  This Word that is written is the Will of God the Father, my Father, and Yahweh is His Holy Name, for many of God’s people are gravely lacking the most important Gift from God: Love.

My Lord answered my prayers that by His Ultimate Sacrifice, He granted me the Grace to understand how to live in this Love, for when we ask for Grace, we give permission to God and acknowledge that before Him we are indeed nothing, and then His Divine Will becomes alive in us, such that if the Lord asks us to do anything, we can no longer be afraid to do these things out of Love, or worrying too much about what would happen when acting out the Will of God, but have Faith by His Grace that His Divine Will, it will be fulfilled by acts of His Love and Mercy though us, and not on our own accord.  The Lord asks this of everyone, and in return will bless those who do.

This Word of Love is God’s Love through Jesus Christ, through me, John, and it is this Love that has sparked a Holy Fire within me, given to me by God, and a powerful desire to fulfill His Will, to write the Word of God, the Word the Lord Jesus writes on my own heart.  I am constantly reminded that, very importantly, without Jesus I can do nothing, and I am nothing, and I will repeat this over and over again as it can be proclaimed for His Glory without diminishing.  This Word is a Light on a very narrow, steep, and rocky path of bloody footprints, Christ’s blood, and the destination is Heaven.

That said, it is His Will that I prophesy. Many times He has issued a command only by my participation, to calm or make storms, erupt volcanos, issue earthquakes, pestilence, plagues, etc., as often as we desire, the evidence is all here in these posts.