Open your hearts

So open your hearts
And sing
Sing a song of praise
Praise to the King
Praise to the King

I opened up my song
And sang out my heart
Unbelievable joy
Overcame, I stayed

One person
One love
Said the words yesterday
Explosions of awe at how unconditional
I caved
So I stayed

Best Kept Secret

I am God’s best kept secret
I have inherited the Kingdom of God
Flesh and blood are but dust
Yet the Lord preserves me day and night
My soul’s longings
My yearnings for God
Prostrate before Him
He touched my soul
Forgave my iniquities
Touched me with love
Now what I believe
Is beyond any religion
I am free
Free to love
With the same Love
That is God

Love is all I am


Kingdom of God

Let me show you the Kingdom of God

A kaleidoscope of butterflies
In your eyes
Beheld with wonder
Where Everything is a delight

In constant prayer with the Father
Intrinsically intertwined Will will be done
You are either
One with the Father
Or you are not

If you are not sure
I am sorry
You are not

If you are sure
It is time
Time to show
The Kingdom of God
To others
And His Glory will shine


I looked at a photo of you
Looked at the lines of your smile
The features of your eyes
Brought tears to mine
For I saw behind your beautiful face
A very happy place
I would not want to take that away

Since I love you so deeply
I want you to stay happy
If that means dying without you
By my side all alone
I will do it
For my love is worthless
In this evil world


I have decided to die
I am in too much pain
Physical and emotional
Abuse is conclusive

I tried to warn you
I tried to love you
But I was ignored
And now too late

This is my beloved goodbye
To you and to the world
All I needed was love
Got criticism and ignorance instead

I wonder how many care
But it does not matter anymore
I will be forgotten
And you will not even know I am dead