Another Rant

If you have ever felt the Anger of God by grace, then you will know that the drive, the fire, the passion, is His own. That keeps me going.

My issue, and therefore God’s issue, is with Twitter for the moment, as they hide behind a corporate veil to conceal their hidden agenda to snuff out truthsayers, such as myself. They have no idea who I am, neither do you. If the do know, they have violated federal and international law. I could be an anti-trust investigator, I could be a high up executive with information to reveal against them, I could be an Archbishop, I could be the Son of God (I Am One with the Father though, that is true).

I want your help, so hop onto twitter look up @travhf and read, there you will find enough damning evidence to at least prompt one investigation, but I am being muted. 😟

Promote it to get them to back off and let me issue my statements or judgements for all to see and let the public decide, not them!

Remember, we are in the last pages of the Book of Life, what you do will truly be written, so far none have helped me and I know Who I Am is.

If I stop posting on twitface, it means I have resorted to other methods or I am dead or incarcerated. You will know.

Thanks and blessings to you a thousand fold if you help, but do not and you will be spit out in the end for your impartiality.

Love is always the answer.

John William
Son of God

Edited for clarification



Whatever you do
Do not use a corporate platform
To express your beliefs
To express your anger
To express you love
Because Freedom of Speech

Which means
You are all slaves
Slaves to corporate greed
And you are just as guilty
For propagating in the first place

Did You Know?

Remember the oil fields
Back a few years ago
Did you know?
It was Canada, truly
That set the fields on fire
To secure a pipeline to the US
Which almost started an awful war
But they covered it up with another war
To distract the attention
And now they have done it
The pipe has been secured
The oil companies WILL pay

God Was Abused

I toiled for forty years
In a desert I was planted
Storm after storm blew
Desert sand cut through me
Tearing off the flowers
But the tree grew fruit still
For the few who encountered me
They ate and were sated
For the fruit was and Is
The purest Love of the Lord

I bled and bled
That blood soaked bed
I wanted to hate
Hate the deed
Not the dead He said
Forgiveness was all that was left

Tears now stream down like a river
Filled with the blood of my enemy
The flow of blood and water
Burned the soil to death

But that tree grew
Despite the neglect
For Two in One
Is truly the Trinity
Of a God so loving
He protected me all these years

So to Him I give my thanks
Forever like incense
I burned those pruned branches


I have a Twitter account @travhf which I have had for a long time, I started posting comments on articles concerning the end times. When I search for a keyword in my post with the account that created the poster appears.

So when I switch to another account the post does not appear.

I also included the image of the disgusting video game that blasphemes the word Divinity as well because that gets more “ranking” than Divinity Himself, proof of a corrupt and sadistic world, of which the Spirit of the Lord God Almighty, His Most Holy Spirit, will destroy.

Peace and repent or die.

John William
Son of God

PS. That, and REALLY BAD coding by WordPress and Apple that makes it near impossible to post a proper article from a mobile device.

Something Tweeted

As it stands
In my state
I am forced to take
Measures to communicate
My tweets are ignored
My judgements sound
They have no idea what comes
For I Am with the Lord
And the Spirit of Moses commands
When We stretch out our hand
The Hand of God
None can hide
Swiftly it comes
Judgement of the corrupt and evil nations and corporations


Thus says the LORD GOD:
Disaster after disaster!
Behold, it comes
An end has come
The end has come

It has awakened against you
Behold, it comes
Your doom has come to you
O inhabitant of the land

The time has come
The day is near
A day of tumult
And not of joyful shouting on the mountains

Now I will soon pour out my wrath upon you
And spend my anger against you
And judge you according to your ways
And I will punish you for all your abominations

And my eye will not spare
Nor will I have pity
I will punish you according to your ways
While your abominations are in your midst

Then you will know that I am the LORD, who smite.

Ezekiel 7:5-9

Give no ear to the Devil
You all make it too easy for him
By giving in to temptation…