All that I write
I do with His might
Why I smite
I do with His sight

Words are just words
Until they are mixed with Love
Continuously around
Without a sound

Know what breeds hate
Which is tied to certain fate
To be truly free
You must love without reserve


Your style of love is mystical
Beyond the physical
Hear my call

I am filled with your pain
Give me more to take it away
Heard your prayers today
Let me answer amidst the fray

I melted like gold before your face
Now I have changed before grace
Does it really matter?
Watch those ceilings shatter


Let me talk about holiness, sanctity, sacredness
There is only one place to receive it
His Most Sacred Heart, believe it
I know this
I show this
But am rejected for it
And I rejoice, not sit
For we are in extraordinary times
Where love is what shines


There are many different ways
To reconcile with God these days
Blessings and mercy are poured out
How long will you be on the lookout?

Mercy will last only for so long
Enter into it’s mysteries in song
Giving praise and thanks that is due
For love lasts forever too


Do not get me wrong
I will always write into song
My words, my portion, my cup
Received when in sup

Figured out what makes faith move
Two or more in His Name improve
Your chances at reception
Of a request to inception

Have not love when you do this
And your voice sounds with a hiss
With ultimatums taking place
You have to come Face to face

Speak your words to delight
There is no need to fight
His love is more profound
When new love is found


Took a deep breath that turned into a sigh
After all of this I think this is goodbye
Thousands of stanzas and iambs
We still are just small tiny lambs
In the grand scheme of things
Looking for the one that sings

My heart-wrenching cry today I provide
Hoping for violence to subside
Your ways are not my ways
Everything is out of phase
So change your hearts for the better
And perhaps it will release the fetter

Life and Death

Look not at the crude flesh before you
For that is all that it is
Though it’s purpose is short and cyclical
There is life beyond death
To taste the everlasting life
Is to taste death

Alas, your sins cripple Christ’s Body
Don’t you see you are united with Him?
In sovereignty and in glory
Not just some story

Love that Lives

The work that I do leaves a mark
An outcome that comes as a result
Is meant to be

I wrangle with my words
Choosing what is best to match inklings
Enduring the impatience of others

We wait for the Final Glory
Where Christ chooses their fate
What they do with it is up to them

So with that my life is sustained
United beyond everything
Misunderstood at best

I live because I became love
Desiring nothing else from others
Love that lives never dies


I choose love and compassion
Because it is always a choice
The epitome of freedom
Adjoining with grace
It produces bountiful gifts
So do big things
And do little things
All with the salt of love
Worry not the measure given and received
For the Lord’s wise accounting
Is the Truth of all things


Would you have come if I asked you to?
Were I to fetch you because I need you
Would you come to see me?
Through faith I asked for special favour
Which was granted me to savour
The moments and the glory

My foundation is the same as Love
No greater strength than Christ
Union of body, soul, and mind
Under one roof
Under one banner
That banner is love

If you have not love
Nothingness remains


The drugs they forced me on are stigmatic
Certain opportunities gone makes them ecstatic
Never wanting me any power
They want me to be a slave to a tower
Because of the good work that I do
And because I love you
Every day that goes by for me
Is a thousand years I journey
Make me wait a few days for your love
And I learn patience the second day from above
But it goes much deeper than that
Where hearts become one I need to chat


I have this Love
I find difficult to describe
Because the visceral reaction
Is love in action
To perform love deeds
Planted like seeds

I dream to be invisible
But able to heal
Perform miracles
And the like
For His Glory not mine

But the truth is
I have been stripped of any power
Became nobody but a flower
That died one day and lived again
And any deeds of power I do
Is really Him and not me
Don’t you see?

Dance Again

So many are living a lie
Without knowing it or without a try
They succumb to their wounds
Wounded daily by misdeeds
Fuels their hate into flames
A chaotic enterprise for sure
Then comes the blame

The way out is the truth
Of the defiance and ignorance
But also the love and the gain
Disregarding the pain
Meant to sustain
So much joy you will dance again

So dance with me then
Displaying joy more for them
To make them wonder
Where did it come from
This Love


Trying to be graceful
With forgiveness
But I am clumsy
So I love no matter what
Grace becomes me
And I always see
Truth, Love, and Joy

But also I can see
The absence of it
And it makes me truly sad
To the point where I get mad
And endure great suffering
To deter the dead from eternal death
So help me spread the word to the world
That Christ’s love is the way